Business Startup Services Dubai

Do you have a great business idea? But do not know how to transform it into a successful business. We are vertically integrated and specialized in assisting maturing entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business and transform their vision from an idea into a growing business. Our specialist consultants are with you every step all the way long-from the creation of your business idea, idea capture and concept testing to concept validation. Once engaged, your business consultant will conduct market research to establish business feasibility with a detailed business plan and financial projections for your business.

We help entrepreneurs a range of support services that help them start their new business successfully.

The services include:

  • Decide whether starting a new business is the right direction for you
  • Test the business idea and develop it further
  • Conduct Startup Business Feasibility Study
  • Create a Startup Business Plan
  • Develop a Startup Marketing Plan
  • Evaluate your business model and design one that fits your business
  • Design and cultivate your Start-up branding
  • Any specific area you want to focus on
  • Serviced Office Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Information Studies

Serviced Office Services

In today's business scenario you don't need to physically own or manage a traditional office space. Now you can simply pay for what you use and keep your focus on the essential business priorities.

Abcs provides inspiring and modern hot desk facilities, individual workspaces and premium office spaces of various sizes, with tailor-made monthly and yearly packages.

Our superior serviced offices include:

Good Locations

Experience our high-end, luxury, serviced offices in prime locations throughout Dubai. Our offices range from one-person executive suites to larger 20+ person spaces, and are fully furnished with elegant, ergonomically designed furniture for both style and comfort.

IT Solutions

To ensure you can focus on achieving business success, each serviced office provides responsive, effective, hassle-free IT services. Our strong and stable IT and telecommunications infrastructure includes full-time IT support, secured wireless connection and high speed internet access.

Outstanding Facilities

Apart from office spaces, you also have access to meeting rooms, boardrooms and training rooms. Lounge and break area facilities are also available and include complimentary tea, coffee, water and access to a café that can provide snacks on demand.

Shared Staff

To support all your business needs, a dedicated multilingual receptionist and concierge service are included as part of your package. They will also take care of all phone calls, mail management and provide vital administrative support, allowing you to solely focus on business growth.

Feasibility Studies

Economic feasibility studies for new project in the phase of Technical, Marketing, financial and make summary and conclusion. Our experienced workforce will provide specific solutions to help organizations make a difference in the market place. We believe to ensure survival, businesses need to plan and anticipate the future enabling them to better prepare for events that could happen. We focus on the wider business and marketing environment within which your organisation operates, providing you with information that will allow you to make effective decisions.

It is no longer appropriate to use the classic approach of trend analysis using moving averages to forecast as this assumes that business will continue in a similar fashion to the past. Unfortunately, the future is not so predictable when you need to think five, ten or more years ahead. We help build a picture of your industry in the future so that you can anticipate and plan for change.

We look at the political, economic, social, cultural and technological factors influencing your industry and conduct a thorough strengths and weaknesses assessment of your business. We will put the information into context and use it in your business development strategy. You will gain information on what is happening in your business environment, what are the opportunities and threats, and what are your capabilities to match them.

Information Studies

To thrive in today’s dynamic business environment, it is very important for a company to keep track of its competitors and industry trends. Our team of expert consultants provides market intelligence to our clients and help them improve their business processes and customer satisfaction.


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