Local Sponsorship Dubai

In todays challenging times, it is imperative to have a partner/sponsor that is able to support you whom you can trust. Today in the UAE, companies can set up a LLC firm and is also managed by them (foreign parties) and the local partner/sponsor receives an annual sponsorship fees for his or her association.

It is absolutely imperative that you make a completely informed decsion on whether you would want to get associated with the local sponsor or not. Our services help you chose the right sponsor and guide you on the things that are considered as a must when looking for a local sponsor for your business.

Corporate Sponsorship

In our corporate sponsorship services we provide corporate sponsors to aspiring businessman. We are in touch with many corporates owned by Emirati and GCC nationals. These companies can sponsor your business & you can enjoy many advantages of corporate sponsorship for example you can get the service of the PRO of your sponsor company. If you are planning to set up an Industrial unit, it is advisable that you should go for corporate sponsorship.

Individual Sponsorship services

Abcs provides individual Emirati sponsorship services. We have deep rooted relations in Local Emirati community & a vast experience in Individual sponsorship. We search a local partner for you with fair image & supportive nature. This relationship enables a smooth journey in legal proceedings and documentations. We ensure healthy communication between you and your local sponsor.

Local Service Agent Services

Abcs possess a pool of talented and qualified Emirati professionals in different sectors for example Health care, finance, accountancy & auditing, engineering to match your business with right service agent. For obtaining a professional license sometimes you need a local service agent with specialized educational background. We have already listed qualified professional to give you a perfect suitable match.


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