ENPARK Dubai is a Business Park encouraging the development of the vitality and environment organizations in the Middle East. Astrategically situated in Dubai, Enparkgives simple access to huge undiscovered opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa(MENA) district. It is a perfect one-stop platform to facilitate expansive projects and send new innovations over the region.

Enpark particularly takes into account the Energy, Energy Efficiency and Green Building, Recycling and Solid Waste divisions, by giving a practical business environment to serve their MENA markets.

Other than giving a full scope of economically designedreal estate products, Enpark Dubai additionally endeavors to give its business accomplices a platform to encourage industry and regulatory collaboration, recognize business opportunities and share their experience of territorial operations, products and services with industry peers. Today, more than 40 organizations, from Cleantech new businesses to substantial energy multinationals, work under Enpark's licenses.

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